A Ray of Hope for Families: Big Price Reductions Amidst Rising Costs

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"We love this little product, the lighting really helps to send my little boy to sleep and we love that it detects crying so i don’t have to keep getting up in the night, he sleeps so much better with it especially when you can play whatever sound you like, it’s a lifesaver for us."

Elisha Haigh

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In a time where everything is getting more expensive by the day, there is some heartening news for mothers and families with new babies or young children. Despite the challenging economic climate, we have decided to drop the price of the Sounds U Like Sleep Soother to make it more affordable.

The Rising Cost of Parenthood:

Parenthood has never been a walk in the park regarding expenses. From nappies to childcare, the costs can add up quickly. In recent years, however, the situation has become even more challenging as inflation and economic uncertainty have driven up the prices of everyday necessities. Families have been grappling with the stress of budgeting for their little ones while trying to provide the care they need.

A Surprising Turn of Events:

Amidst the backdrop of rising costs, Eggcellent Lighting Limited have decided to buck the trend and drop the price of their award-winning product, not just by a few pence but by a significant amount. So, if you’re considering buying a sleep soother, why try our product? It was always great value at £44.95, but with the new price of just £32.95, we know we can help more babies, parents, and families enjoy a great night’s sleep on us.


While the cost of parenthood is continually on the rise, there is hope on the horizon for mothers and families with new babies or young children. Eggcellent Lighting is proud to lead the way by significantly changing our pricing policy. By researching, comparing prices, and taking advantage of offers like this, families can navigate the challenging financial landscape of parenthood more confidently and provide the best for their little ones without breaking the bank.


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