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Helping you and your baby get a better night's sleep.

Co-founder David Green has a passion for designing products, and along with his business partner Sean O'Sullivan, they decided to embark on the journey to design a musical baby night light to help parents with their children's bedtime routine.

Eggcellent Lighting was born in 2017, and brought to the UK its first product, the Sounds U Like Musical Baby Night Light to offer a product where parents can create their very own unique soundtracks tailored perfectly for their little ones.

David quotes: "It's been a difficult first few years. It's hard work bringing a new product to market in the midst of a global pandemic. However, we continued on our mission to help parents create the perfect night time sleep routine for their babies and children. We are proud of our Sounds U Like and we hope you and your children love it too"

Eggcellent Lighting look forward to releasing new products in the near future.

Sounds U Like Musical Baby Night Light

“I love that I can record my own voice for when baby wakes during the night”
- Kate

Find our more about how the Sounds U Like Musical Baby Night Light can help you create the perfect bedtime routine for your little ones below.

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