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Every newborn deserves to be celebrated, regardless of whether they are born into a family, carried by a surrogate, or adopted with love. It doesn't matter if they are the first, second, or third child in the family.

Baby showers are a fun and special way to welcome them into the world and celebrate their parents. If you're planning a baby shower or having one planned for you, you may have realized that it involves many tasks, from choosing themes and food to managing RSVPs and tracking gifts.

To help you plan the most memorable baby shower ever, we've created an ultimate guide with handy checklists that will help you, organise all the tasks in order of operation.

Although the timeline is flexible, we hope this guide will help reduce some of the stress associated with planning your baby shower and allow you to focus on having a fun event that you can sit back and enjoy. You will also receive a 10% off voucher for our award-winning Sounds U Like musical baby night light.

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