How To Get My Baby To Sleep Through The Night

How to get my baby to sleep through the night

How to get my baby to sleep through the night is something which is on many parents’ minds, and rightly so, as getting your baby to sleep soundly can feel as though you are fighting a losing battle. If you are a tired parent, who feels like they have tried everything, we hear you. And we are here with solutions. 

How To Get My Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Here are our tips and advice on helping you create the perfect bedtime and sleep routine for your baby.

Feeding and Discomfort

Babies require frequent feedings as they have small tummies. Sometimes when a baby wakes, it is because they are just genuinely hungry. Similarly, discomfort can wake your baby… and if  they need their nappy changing, we are sure you will be made aware of this! We can’t always prevent these influencing factors at a young age, but we can manage them better. 

Instead of using a bright light when doing night feeds or nappy changing, you could use our product the Sounds U Like Musical Night Light. It has a soothing light feature which creates just enough of a glow to see what you need to see, without creating overstimulation from full light.

Sleep Associations 

Babies, just like adults, develop sleep associations. If a baby is frequently sung to sleep, soft speech or being read a bedtime story  to help them drop off, a baby will find it hard to fall asleep without that associated stimulation. 

The Sounds U Like has features that allow you to upload recordings of your own voice;  singing, reading, speaking or gentle shushing. The Sounds U Like can also detect crying and will automatically play a chosen sound. So if you know your baby has been fed and is comfortable, you can rest peacefully knowing the Sounds U Like is in control to help comfort them back to sleep through your own personalised recordings.  

Other sleep associations can be background noise or white noise. Babies nap during the day, which can sometimes be in less peaceful environments. For example, some babies find peace in sleeping in a moving car, or napping with music in their surroundings.  The Sounds U Like also allows you to programme music, or play white noise which is scientifically proven to assist in restful sleep for your baby.

Musical Baby Night Light

Bedtime Routine

A structured bedtime routine is vital to help your baby sleep, without it their natural cycle will be disrupted and they will be unaware of when they should be awake or sleeping. This also relates to daytime naps. Try to stick to a regular nap schedule.

Plan to maintain a regular bedtime, as well as a consistent routine including bathing, changing into fresh clothes and nappy, cuddles and a lullaby or story. 

Aim to put your baby in their cot when they are drowsy, not asleep. This helps them to connect with the relaxing environment, and learn to self soothe to sleep. This is beneficial for when babies wake up in the night, and allows them to learn to fall back asleep independently. 

Create a tranquil sleep environment through lighting

As previously mentioned, the Sounds U Like has a light feature. This light, alongside its benefits in night time wakes, also gradually changes colour and brightness creating a soothing atmosphere to help your baby drift off to sleep.  

Within this routine, maintain a comfortable temperature for your baby, as they don’t have the full ability to self-regulate their internal temperature just yet. It is recommended that your baby’s nursery is between 20C – 22C.

Remember it takes time to adjust to new sleep routines, for you and your baby. Be patient with yourself, and your baby. Seek support when needed, follow our tips and invest in a Sounds U Like to make life that little bit easier. 



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