Sounds U Like - Baby Comfort Light

By Eggcellent Lighting Limited

Sounds U Like - Baby Comfort Light

Sounds U Like - Baby Comfort Light

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Professional Review of the Sounds U Like

Watch this video to see a Professional Review of the Sounds U Like by the Back Office Teardown Lab. 
The comments he placed on his website after the review are:

This is a great device for stressed parents trying to settle their kids!
The three main reasons being

1) its indestructible,
2) its easy to use and
3) its bloody good quality!

Check it out and give this British product some love!

The Sounds U Like product

Every baby is different, and every child has their own favourite piece of music that will send them to sleep or comfort them if they wake up in the middle of the night. We realised this and also that the major companies that manufactured baby comfort lights produced a product that only played one song (usually of a very poor quality). 

We decided our product was going to be made with a top quality speaker and would be able to play that one special song that comforts your child, you can save any tune you want to the Sounds U Like, or if you prefer you could record a lullaby using the built in microphone. The Sounds U Like can play music for up to 30 minutes which gives plenty of time for your child to go to sleep.

Many parents have told us that their child wakes in the night and wants them to go in and restart the lullaby machine to send them back to sleep. We have designed our Baby comfort light with a special algorithm that will activate when your child wakes up and cries out, the Sounds U Like will start playing the music again to send them back to sleep, whilst you get a few precious extra minutes of sleep.

When this is not being used as a baby comfort light it also doubles up as a high quality wireless speaker, which has a 15 hour battery life.

The Sounds U Like Functions

  • Plays music to send your child to sleep (for up to 30 minutes).
  • Goes into a Listening Mode (and will switch on when your baby starts crying) our unique algorithm means it is unaffected by soft speech.
  • Lights up and starts playing your chosen music or recording to send your baby back to sleep for up to 30 minutes.
  • The brightness of the light can be adjusted to achieve the ideal setting for your child to sleep to.
  • A light only option is available, if no sounds are required, the Sounds U Like will cycle through the colour displays for up to 30 minutes.
  • Choose to play music from the internal memory or play your recorded message from the built in microphone. 
  • It has a magnetic USB charging point, and a built in battery with a life of a few days.
  • The magnetic USB connector also enables transfer of music to the internal memory card.
  • Connects to your phone using standard built-in communications and works as a high quality wireless speaker when not being used as a child comforter.
  • As your baby grows and their music tastes change you can easily update the music stored on the Sounds U Like.