About Us

We have created this company to bring a new brand of baby and children’s products to the world.

Our first product is a multi functional baby comfort light that will play your choice of music, either from your own recording or from selections of songs you copy onto the product.
This music can be that one special song that always calms your child and sends them back to sleep.
The Sounds U Like product will go into a listening mode and when our algorithm detects that your child has woken up, it will start playing the songs again for up to 30 minutes. Whilst it plays the songs it will cycle through the full spectrum of LED lights with adjustable brightness.

This product has been designed to help parents, and children alike.

Eggcellent Lighting Ltd is an English company with an English designer, the Sounds U Like product is being manufactured with love by a carefully selected factory in China who have very high standards to ensure you get the best listening pleasure to send your loved one back to sleep.

We hope this will bring hours of joy and extra sleep to you, your baby and your whole family.

Your Eggcellent Lighting Team.