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  • Assistance in setting up your e-commerce website
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Boy asleep with musical baby night light
Sounds U Like Logo

Sounds U Like Musical Baby Night Light

Sounds U Like is the first product from Eggcellent Lighting and is revolutionising the Baby Night Light market offering the sound or song that your baby needs to help them to sleep by playing that to them for up to 30 minutes, It comes with cry detection to send them back to sleep if they wake up.

New Products

We already have patents for additional products aimed at the baby and young child market, all our franchisees will automatically get priority to purchase and offer these products as they are released. You will also receive pre-launch training on new these new products.

Musical baby night light, record your babies favourite sounds to sooth them to sleep.

30 minute timed nightlight changes colour to soothe baby to sleep.

Play back your recorded voice or sounds, ideal if your baby settles to the sound of your voice.

Dimmer or brighter? The nightlight can be controlled using this button, there are 15 levels of brightness.

Play any mp3 files you download to the 1Gb internal memory using this button.

The high-quality speaker can play music or sounds from the internal memory or a wireless device.

Volume up button if you need it louder. Caution, loud noise is not recommended for babies and young children.

If you want to record sounds or your voice on the internal memory, use this button.

Volume down button, this will bring the sound down to a suitable level for babies and young children.

Internal microphone to make recordings for your baby.

The battery charging indicator, glows red while the battery charges and green when it's finished, a full charge will last 15 hours.

The cry detection microphone activates the nightlight and sounds when your baby cries.

Three-way switch to turn the Sounds U Like to ON, OFF or to Wireless Speaker mode.

The magnetic charging and USB port, connect to your PC to download music or charge the Sounds U Like.

Rechargeable battery for ultimate flexibility, a full charge takes approximately 3.5 hours.

The internal 1 Gb memory has plenty of storage to add the music and sounds your baby likes.

Musical baby Night Light, product functions

Soothing night light

Play your recordings

Night light brightness control

Standard play button

High-quality speaker

Volume up button

Record button

Volume down button

Microphone for recordings

Battery charge indicator

Cry detection microphone

Mobile - OFF - ON switch

Magnetic charging / USB

Rechargeable battery

Internal 1 Gb memory

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