Musical Night Light Functions

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"Me and my Baby both love this night light. Beautifully calming and can play his favourite music. Amazing features that you can choose any somgs and white noise that you and your baby like, as well as recording your own voice. Highly recommend to transform your baby’s bedtime!"

Abi Harrison

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Following extensive research, we’ve designed the Sounds U Like to create the best musical baby night light you can buy. With our unique cry detection, the Sounds U Like musical nursery night light will activate to send your baby back to sleep when they cry out…

What can the Sounds U Like do?

  • High-quality baby night light.
  • Plays mp3 music, lullaby music, white noise, whale music, waves etc., to help your baby sleep.
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A musical night light with everything you need built in…

  • Record your own voice shushing them to sleep, sing a lullaby, or record a bedtime story.
  • Cry detection reactivates the Sounds U Like, which plays for up to 30 minutes to send your baby back to sleep.
baby sleeping with musical baby night light

Musical night light features to make your life simpler…

  • Adjustable LED lighting to create the perfect calming light environment for your child.
  • High-quality wireless speaker to connect to your phone and is great as your child grows.
  • Are you going out of town for a few days…record yourself reading the next few chapters of a bedtime story, and you will still be there reading to your child every night whilst you are away.
  • Magnetic USB connection to protect internal circuitry.


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